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NewStream Brass is a groundbreaking 9-piece chamber ensemble that seeks to synergize the practice of Jazz/Commercial and Classical brass performance in both music education and performance settings. NewStream combines the symphonic performance paradigm with the aesthetics and structures of both jazz and popular music. Its members are not only highly accomplished as both symphonic and jazz players, but also bring expertise in a multitude of other areas that are directly linked to current careers in music. NewStream’s educational mission is to promote stylistic versatility and training. Our vision is one in which students gain the necessary experience of applied music education, but also become ready for careers in music through the inclusion of jazz, commercial, industry, composition, and business practice.




NewStream Brass is one of the few ensembles that can truly play both jazz and classical styles. Members of NewStream are accomplished symphonic players and improvisers. We believe that 21st century musicians need to be versatile, adaptable, and fluent in a variety of musical styles and genres to navigate a modern music scene in which the cross-pollination of different styles is commonplace.

Successful 21st music careers are increasingly based around competency with music technologies, production methods, and business acumen. NewStream Brass members possess professional producing, engineering, and publishing skills. We aim to produce and publish all of our own work, and we want to make these skills standard in music education.

Composing and arranging is an important skill for the 21st century musician. NewStream Brass members are accomplished composers and arrangers. We primarily perform compositions and arrangements done by our own members, and gladly accept commissions.

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